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In December of 2017, the Church Council voted to seek an Intentional Interim Minister. As described in January's newsletter, the Board of Deacons was tasked with seeking out candidates and making a call. We are pleased that the search process has borne fruit. We are delighted to announce that the Rev. Annette Mott has agreed to serve as our Interim Minister. Annette brings more than three decades of experience serving in a variety of roles with the Maine UCC Conference. She graduated in 2008 from Bangor Theological Seminary. She has made Intentional Interim Ministry the focus of her career, having successfully worked with four different churches over the past ten years. A little bit about Pastor Annette in her own words:

First I have to admit that I am from away. My family didn’t move to Maine till I was twelve years old, when my Dad was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Brunswick. I have lived in Maine ever since, excepting my college and early seminary years. Following the completion of our schooling, my husband David and I returned to Maine, where he worked as a mechanical engineer, and I worked a series of church jobs: first as Christian Education Director at the Augusta and Brunswick UCC churches, then as the Director of Local Church Ministries for the Maine Conference UCC for twenty-six years.

During my last two years working for the Conference I finished up my Master of Divinity degree at Bangor Theological Seminary and began a second career as an Intentional Interim Minister, serving Woodfords Congregational Church UCC Church in Portland, Bridgton First UCC, the Federated Church in Thomaston, and First Congregational Church UCC in Gray. I also completed two levels of training for Transitional and Interim Ministry through the national Interim Ministry Network.

My husband and I have lived in Bowdoinham on twenty acres in the same old country home for forty-one years. There we raised our three sons, as well as lots of vegetables and flowers. We are still gardening, and also keep some laying hens and a couple of hives of honey bees.

My husband has retired from engineering, but he keeps as busy as ever with many farm projects and his extensive volunteer work. Our sons, from oldest to youngest, are Dan, Pete, and John. Dan lives in California with his wife Sahra and our two grandchildren, Hanna (8) and Adam (6). Pete and John both live in Bowdoinham. John is getting married to Tempy Keller in Utila, Honduras (where Tempy is from) on March 6.

I look forward to our getting to know each other as we worship, serve, and play together.

We have every expectation that Annette will bring the spiritual leadership we need as we explore Christ’s plans for our church. Please wrap your arms around her and give her our typical, boisterous RCC welcome.

Dear Members and Friends of Rangeley Congregational Church, U.C.C.,

I am honored and delighted that your Deacons have engaged me to serve as your Intentional Interim Pastor during this time of transition. I look forward to getting to know each of you, and to learning from you more about your congregation’s presence and ministry in the Rangeley community. Two things I already know:

1) That you are a wonderful congregation. How do I know this? I have personally known many of your former pastors, and none of them have been shy about letting others know that Rangeley is a special place and that you are a special people. I truly look forward to working with you as you continue in your good work here and as you discern together where the Spirit is leading you in future ministry.

2) I also know that you have come through a difficult time that has challenged and threatened cherished relationships and common ministry. I pray that our time together as partners in God’s mission for this place will yield the good fruit of healing, renewed affection, and vibrant ministry.

May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, keep our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Pastor Annette

Rev. Mott can be reached by phone at 207-737-9979 or by email at
Drop-in office hours are: Tuesday between 1:00 and 3:00. Other times are available by appointment.

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