The Mission Statement of the Rangeley Congregational Church, UCC
The purpose of Rangeley Congregational Church, UCC, is
to worship God,
to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ
and to be guided by the Holy Spirit to promote His teachings by our
living, working and giving in our community and in the world.

Missions in our Community and the Larger World

We aspire to look out into the community with educated eyes, using our gifts, and encouraging others to use theirs, to live out Christ’s teachings of loving and helping our neighbors.

As a congregation, Rangeley Congregational Church reaches out into our communities—local, denominational, national and global—to further the work of peace and justice in the world. We seek to build bridges of sharing, supporting others as others support us, in our mutual journeys of the spirit.

We invite you to join us in our outreach. Below are just some of our community pathways and partnerships. If you have other connections we should consider, please let us know!

Denominational Giving and Our Church’s Wider Mission
Rangeley Congregational Church supports the work of the United Church of Christ in Maine and in the world. Our annual giving includes OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) Basic Support in our annual budget, as well as special support offerings. Check out the work of UCC at www.ucc.org. Our special support projects include several annual appeals:

  • One Great Hour of Sharing – Giving Help, Hope and Life
    Supports partners in more than 70 countries with ministries that fund development projects, feed the victims of famine, provide services for displaced people, and respond to natural disasters.
  • Strengthen the Church – Faithfully Building the Body of Christ
    Supports church growth and leadership development in the conferences and through the national offices of Local Church Ministries.
  • Neighbors in Need – Justice and Compassion Like a Mighty Stream
    Supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, including ministry carried out by the Council for American Indian Ministries (CAIM) and by the national offices of Justice and Witness Ministries.
  • The Christmas Fund – Remembering Those Who Serve Our Church
    Provides financial aid to retired and active ministers and their surviving spouses and children who face overwhelming financial demands.
  • Church World Service
    The members of Rangeley Congregational Church provide regular support for Church World Service projects, including the Blankets Plus program, to provide clothing, shelter and other vital assistance with disaster relief efforts. We continue to explore how we can best support CWS programs in the future, through the United Church of Christ’s direct partnership with Church World Service in its support of disaster recovery in this country and around the world.

Scholarship Program
The church has a long-standing tradition of providing scholarships for college students or those attending other post-secondary educational programs. Contributions to the Scholarship Fund can be made at any time simply by noting 'Scholarship Fund' on a check or envelope. Applications for a scholarship award are available for download by clicking here. Note that applications must be received each year by June 1. For additional information, please seek out any member of the Scholarship Committee or contact the church office.

Rangeley Ecumenical Food Bank
As part of the Rangeley community of churches, we provide ongoing support for the Ecumenical Food Bank through staffing, fund-raising, and regular donations of food and household items.

Other Local, National and International Support
Funds for other mission needs are provided by a turkey dinner held in October of each year, heavily supported by the Rangeley area community. The money earned is given to a wide variety of groups in need. Past support has included hats, gloves and mittens, and teacher supplies for Rangeley School and fuel assistance for Little Mountain School, as well as support for community services such as the meal delivery service, HELP/HARC senior services, Rangeley Community Radio, RRhat Van, Rescue Animal Shelter, and area homeless shelters. National and international mission efforts include the Carpenter’s Boat Shop, Shared Beat which provides medical care and supplies in Guatemala, local Syrian and Haiti relief, and the American Red Cross.

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